Monday to Thursday: 8.50am to 1pm


Making a big difference to little ones: our Toddler Club presents exciting age-appropriate activities for children aged 1,5 to 3,5. This programme of four-hour sessions is led by fully trained teachers and you can choose any mornings from Monday to Friday. The programme incorporates a wide range of fun activities within four key focus areas.


Toddler Club information

  • Maximum group size of 10 children aged 1,5 to 3,5 
  • Teaching principles based on very latest research
  • Support tailored to child's individual abilities
  • Key activity areas: music, movement, arts and crafts, nature
  • Two teachers and one carer per group of ten children
  • High-quality snacks with fresh organic vegetables (served raw) and mineral water
  • Regular parent consultations/feedback
  • Settling-in programme for a gentle introduction
  • Ideal preparation for the transition to kindergarten


Our Toddler Club activity programmes are for children aged 1,5 to 3,5. From Monday to Friday we offer four-hour sessions of educational activities designed especially for toddlers.
These carefully structured activities focusing on music, nature, movement, and arts and crafts are ideal for toddlers, combining playful learning with skill development. There's plenty of fun and laughter while the children create, learn, sing and dance – together and at their own pace.

Our principles are based on a variety of pedagogic styles and the latest research in education. The activity programmes are delivered in fixed groups of up to ten children, who are lovingly cared for by our experienced teachers and carers. Change can be stressful for young children, so before the programme begins, we give each child the chance to settle in and gradually get to know this new environment away from their family. Find out more in our Principles.





Music - Nature - Arts & Crafts - Movement



This activity area taps into the natural pleasure that children derive from 'making music' and introduces them to the magic of music through making sounds and noises with their own voice and playing simple instruments. More information…



This activity area provides a playful introduction to some basic natural and scientific phenomena. A ready-made learning environment with child-friendly materials stimulates the senses, encourages their urge to explore and inspires them to investigate for themselves. More information…

Arts & Crafts


This activity area allows children to explore their creative side. Our wide-ranging activities develop their individual creativity and help to build their confidence. More information…


Children have an inherent need to move. This activity area helps to develop children's muscles, motor skills, posture and balance through fun exercise and creative dance. More information…


In order to ensure that your child feels comfortable with us and is able to derive the maximum possible benefit from the activities on offer, we place great importance on maintaining excellent carer/teacher to child ratios, and on the constant and reliable presence of our experienced colleagues. For every ten children, there are two teachers and a carer tasked with looking after them and offering emotional security as dependable care providers.





Your child's time at Kinderklub follows a clearly structured routine that offers orientation and support and ensures your child is part of a stable social environment with adult carers and fellow play partners they know and recognise.


08:30 – 09:30
09:30 – 10:30
10:30 – 10:45
10:45 – 11:15
11:15 – 11:30
11:30 – 12:30
12:30 – 14:00

Quiet play
Quiet play









You can choose which activity programmes or days your child takes part in. Children can be registered for a place in as many groups as you like (max. 4 groups)


Group 1: 

Monday 8.30 am - 2 pm

(Music / Movement)


Group 2: 

Tuesday 8.30 am - 2 pm

(Arts & Crafts / Movement)


Group 3: 

Wednesday 8.30 am - 2 pm

(Arts 6 Crafts / Movement)


Group 4: 

Thuesday 8.30 am - 2 pm

(Music / Movement)


Group 5: 

Friday 8.30 am - 2 pm

(Arts & Crafts  / Movement)



More information




All sessions integrate everyday tasks such as laying the table, clearing up and tidying up, nappy changes, going to the toilet, washing hands, eating meals as a group, putting on/taking off coats and shoes.







Your child's time with us starts with an individual settling-in phase. We provide you with comprehensive information about our principles for settling-in and work with you to plan the start date and arrangements for this phase. The first 'getting to know you' session involving your child is an important step in their forming a bond with staff.

Further information can be found in Our Principles.






At Kinderklub Westend we strive for ultimate professionalism in our teaching. That's why we have designed our own Kinderklub approach, which sets out our care and learning principles.

Kinderklub Principles PDF